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The conflict between the Palestinians and Israel is increasing

 The conflict between the Palestinians and Israel is increasing For the first time, Hamas fired missiles at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, ...

 The conflict between the Palestinians and Israel is increasing

For the first time, Hamas fired missiles at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel.

In the American city of San Francisco, thousands of people protested in support of the Palestinians and condemned Israel.

Until now, 2,382 Jews are lying on the ground with serious injuries, some may even die at any time.

Israel announced that 16 of its soldiers were killed in the fighting, but Palestinian sources said that the incident was very close to that.

Israel announced that 1,030 Jews died. Anadolu News Agency confirmed this.

Israeli media reported that there are 150 Jews in the hands of Hamas. Hamas said that 100 of them are soldiers, including senior Jewish military officers.

The health authorities in Palestine announced that 456 Palestinians were martyred, including 78 children and 46 women. Aljazeera confirmed this.

The head of Hamas, Ismail Abu Haniyeh, spoke with the president of Iran and clarified the current situation. He thanked the President and the people of Iran for their support to the Palestinians.

The United Nations held a secret session on the war but they still could not reach a consensus, it is expected that they will continue the session to see what is possible.

Data shows that the number of deaths is increasing between Hamas and Israeli forces in Gaza. , as a result of the crisis that broke out, following an unprecedented attack by Hamas on the areas occupied by Israel.

As Israel intensified its military attacks on the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, was quoted as saying that the number of people who lost their lives on the side of the Jews reached 1,200 thousand.

He said that Israel has deployed 300 thousand troops near the Gaza Strip, which are ready to carry out the orders given to them by the government of the country.

On the part of the Palestinians, the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip said that the number of dead has exceeded 900 people, while the Israeli attacks on the area continue to increase.

The company that produces electricity in Gaza, which has a population of more than 2 million, said that the electricity may be cut off in a few hours, due to the lack of energy at the power station. struggle with it.

The Gaza Strip has been suffering from power outages since the attack by the Hamas group in the areas occupied by Israel, as a result of the fire that the Israeli forces have been continuously firing on the Gaza Strip since the morning of the day. Last Saturday, what made even the hospitals in most cases, work in the dark without electricity.

Countries and the world community are calling on both sides to reach out and stop the fire to reduce the misery that the people have gone through in the two areas.

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